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I am always coming across things I really like and want to share with my friends and I love it when one of my friends recommends something back. So while I sit here at work on a Monday staring out the window as the sun shines in, procrastinating, I thought I’d share a few things that I have come across recently that I’ve enjoyed or know I will.

1. loved our girls day out here yesterday – Londoners go before the summer fades so you can sit amongst all the gorgeous plants whilst feasting on delicious tarts, salads and sweet treats
2. looking forward to visiting this market 
3. love these re-usable coffee cups 
4. new favourite band! Pumped Up Kicks should be the forthcoming NZ summer anthem!
5. enjoying these guys too! Thanks for the CD Reagan and Becks 🙂
6. what a beautiful blog
7. my face has been loving this amazing oil for a while now and I love the story behind this great Kiwi brand. Thanks Kathryn & B!
8. another Kiwi inspiration, Anna’s cookbook is rivalling Plenty as most used in Casa Kilburn right now.
9. the most delicious coconut water I’ve tried, loving it instead of milk or water in my morning smoothies
10. hunt down this chenin blanc from Vouvray, Loire – perfect summer drinking

Next up, a versatile baked chicken dish you can tweak with whatever you’ve got in the fridge!

Talk soon x


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