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Hello. My name is Jodie Whitelaw, and I'm a Kiwi living in and loving London. Food of Fancy is where I write about the things about food I love, make me think, inspire me and interest me. I do have quite strong opinions about things, so from time to time you may have to put up with my ramblings, although I'll try to keep it to an acceptable level. Also, I'm a blogging newbie, so please forgive me the millions of blogging mistakes I'm sure to make. The thing I most like about food is the feelings and memories it evokes. The smell of vanilla summons up memories of baking with Mum, the sizzle of sausages takes me straight back to summer barbies at the beach and everytime I smell vine ripened tomatoes I'm immediately seeing myself, on my first trip to Italy totally blown away by how such humble ingredients can be so delicious. I love simple, fresh food shared with friends and family and paired with great wine and lots of laughter. Hopefully the recipes I share, restaurants I talk about and my general musings about food will inspire you to indulge in your own food of fancy. Enjoy!

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